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National Express, LLC (NELLC) is in the midst of a major expansion of its Iowa operations, creating more than 1,000 jobs.

National Express School (NEXS) is NELLC's home school, which operates more than 22,500 school buses, serves and transports more than 1.3 million students in Iowa, Nebraska, Iowa City and Des Moines every day. Provides education, development support and support for preschool children in a classroom using a comprehensive family service approach. Provides educational and development training and supports children aged 3-5 years daily under the guidance of a teacher. Provides education, development support and support for children aged 3 to 5 in the classroom set up using the comprehensive family and service approach, and provides educational training, a development-oriented curriculum and educational support for all children, as well as educational opportunities for parents.

Provide resources, education and childcare to community and business leaders who support early childhood and service education initiatives.

There are many good reasons to work for Community Action, and some of the best reasons are because we have long worked in partnership with our customers to help them achieve great things. Those who join have the chance to work with children, families and individuals with limited income. Be part of it, that our members can find more of what they love for less money. There are a lot of great opportunities in the community that you can participate in and work with in partnerships with your customers.

Your future employees are great people who are committed to our mission, and you will love the relaxed work environment. Your future collaborators are some of the greatest people dedicated to this mission.

We devote a significant amount of resources to training and development for our employees and devote our best trained drivers to the best training opportunities. Driver training begins with the search for a new professional opportunity as an experienced driver. We train our employees to obtain a trade license (CDL), obtain appropriate driving licenses where available, learn company policies and procedures and provide you with a professional driving role.

If you are unable to apply online, please download, complete and complete the application form, send it by e-mail or fax it to (800) 888-447-5555.

The above information should indicate the role in which you perform your work and the level of experience, skills, knowledge and skills you can exercise in this role. If you apply now, you will have the option of receiving several benefits, such as paid leave, paid leave, sick leave, leave and sick pay. The employee enters into an employment relationship and there will be no such employment, which means that the agency terminates the employment relationship at will.

If a day is needed for a special occasion or if a member needs to take away his special product, you will need to take it.

Ensure that all products are selected and staged according to the company's policies and procedures. The club collection orders are filled out on the day of collection to assist in the organisation and collection.

Must complete and pass training in a satisfactory manner, attend safety and service meetings, and attend and complete training to remain qualified. Must practice defensive driving at all times and acquire and possess all the necessary certificates for the operation of company vehicles. Avoid car and industrial accidents by practicing safe driving and safe working habits. All necessary formalities, including driving licence, insurance, registration, registration plate, registration card and insurance information, must be submitted to the competent authorities in good time.

Our merchandising stock staff connect the dots to ensure our members can find everything they have on their shopping list. We work tirelessly to ensure that our children arrive at school on time so that they can make the most of their school day. It is our duty as parents and members of our community to ensure that those who have entrusted us with their children are entrusted with what we entrust to them.

We use and apply the Open Door Policy in the execution of our business processes and practices and we use it in all aspects of our business, from the design and construction of the store to the operation and maintenance of its facilities. We follow procedures for handling and disposing of hazardous materials, follow the company's steel standards and guidelines, do not operate unsafe vehicles and follow procedures for forklift detection, implement safety precautions, report and correct unsafe situations to management and implement appropriate action plans. Make sure that prominent advertisements of promotional and seasonal goods are followed according to the company's policies and procedures. Ensure that forklifts are not operated unsafely and the following procedure for handling or disposing of hazardous materials.

We offer safe and reliable transport services through deployment positions and specific vehicles, which may include fixed routes and / or changing routes, as well as the use of forklifts and other vehicles.