Davenport Iowa Attractions

Iowa is the perfect vacation destination, take a few minutes to see some of the senior housing that Davenport, IA has to offer in its more charming accommodations, such as the Great Lakes Senior Center.

Davenport is located in the heart of Iowa City, IA, just a few miles from the Iowa State University campus. This makes it an ideal place for trade and industry and has also contributed to the steady population growth that the city has experienced in recent decades.

Residents and tourists alike have spectacular scenery and views, while many activities take place in the area. There is plenty to see along the river and along the bike path, but if you are not a runner or cyclist, you can also enjoy the Mississippi in Moline, Bettendorf and Davenport. You can also cycle from Iowa State University's Iowa City campus to downtown.

The second location is in the village of East Davenport, Iowa, and this small area is absolutely charming. Bikes can be rented for $5 a day, $10 a week, or $20 a month for a year, or even $30 a year.

If you want to make the most of your time in Davenport, here are our recommended activities. There are a lot of activities and attractions that you can visit on a budget to help you make the most of the time you spend in the city. In this area, visitors can experience a variety of attractions, from the old town to the new city, and even a bit of both. You will want to see and see and try a lot here, because there is a lot to do here, and children can let off steam with the bumper cars of Fun City.

Museum lovers can also indulge themselves in the Bettendorf Family Museum with hands-on exhibits for children of all ages. Some are more obvious, like the Figge freight house, but others could be places you never thought possible, like the Davenport Art Museum.

It has only been open since 1997, but it houses a former pharmacy dating back to 1915, which contains historical furnishings. Visit Rock Island, which has seating and table service, and Lagomarcino's also has one of the best pizzerias in Davenport with a wide selection of pizzas. Harris Pizza is a family-run steakhouse with good food and a great atmosphere. If you're looking for an old family-owned steakhouse in the heart of downtown, check out Tappa's Steaks House, which has been located in downtown Daveport for over 25 years.

The exhibition space is small compared to the Omaha Children's Museum, but it is easy to spend a few hours playing in just the above-mentioned space. It also offers some of the best entertainment, including live music, dance performances and a variety of other activities. Davenport and the Quad Cities have become a popular weekend getaway destination, attracting more than a million tourists each year, offering guests plenty to see and do at a very affordable price.

If you prefer to stay on the east side of the Mississippi, there are still many free things to do. The Nahant Marsh west of Davenport, Iowa, offers you the opportunity to experience the upper Mississippi wetlands and their natural beauty. If you visit the Devonian Fossil Canyon, you can see and do some unique things in Iowa City. At Great River Park, a turned playground in the middle of a large parking lot, you can explore some of it by bike or hike to have a great view.

Highlights in Moline include the John Deere Museum, the Iowa State Fair and John Deere & Company with its farm. Davenport's attractions include some downtown attractions, such as the American Museum of Natural History. Some of the most popular attractions for visitors to Iowa City, Iowa, including the Illinois State Museum and the University of Iowa College of Agriculture.

If you are in downtown Davenport, make a quick stop to see the Davenports Skybridge, which offers great views of the Mississippi River. This glass bridge has been offering the simple pleasures of the four cities since 2005 and is still a popular attraction.

This mecca is home to the Davenport Chamber of Commerce, the University of Iowa and a number of other local businesses.

The only baseball stadium in North America, dating back to 1860, is located here in Iowa. Davenport defied all odds to be named the "Best Minor League Ballpark" in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Owned by an artist and architect, this quaint bed and breakfast was named the best B & B in Iowa in 2014 and the best breakfast in 2015.

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More About Davenport