Davenport Iowa Best Western Hotel

Just 10 minutes from Davenport Airport, this hotel is a great base for a vacation in Iowa. The location gives you the opportunity to see much of the whole and more at the same time as you use it. The renovated farmhouse is located in the middle of a small town, a few kilometres south of the city centre, and is surrounded by forest and pastures. This is the perfect place to spend a quick breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a night with friends and family in the city.

The list of quad shuttle buses is as follows: Visit the website of the city of Coralville at 319 - 335 - 3500. Although there is a main airport in the area, this small airport is also home to a number of small businesses and businesses. This section includes Davenport, Iowa, a small town of just over 1,000 people, and includes a variety of restaurants, shops, hotels, restaurants and other businesses.

The nearest Davenport airport is Quad City International Airport (MLI), which is only 62 miles from Daveport, Florida. Although there are international and domestic flights to Sanford, Florida, it is not a large airport, as the nearest major airports are located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Due to its strategic location, the airport also serves as a hub for flights to and from Davenport and other major cities in the state of Iowa. Iowa City is located just a few miles south of Daveport on the east side of the Mississippi River and is conveniently located in North Liberty.

Orlando International Airport is only 37 miles from Davenport's Riverfront and Des Moines is between I-80 and I / 35. Welcome to Daveport, Iowa, home to the best Western hotel in the state of Iowa and the second largest city in Iowa.

The Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center is located within walking distance of downtown along the Missouri River and features heated indoor and outdoor pools.

The 3 restaurants include the 24-hour JBas Cafe and the Stoney Creek Tavern, a popular spot for live music and a variety of other restaurants.

It is allowed for up to three pets of any size for an additional fee of $25 per pet per night, but only two pets per room and no more than four pets are allowed at a time.

Davenport East accepts up to two dogs of any size for an additional fee of $20 per pet per night. AmericInn Wyndham in Davenports welcomes two pets of all sizes for the same fee as the other hotels, but only two per room. It welcomes three dogs under £25 and all three for $25 a pound. No additional charges for 15 dollars per dog per day or 30 dollars per pet per week.

It welcomes two pets under 60 lbs for an additional fee of $20 per pet per night, no more than $40 for a stay, but only two per room.

The Quality Inn & Suites Davenport welcomes two dogs under 50 lbs for an additional fee of $15 per pet per night. Near the Super 8 in Daveport, two pets under 25 lbs are welcome, no more than two per room, but only one per stay.

Travelers looking for a spa suite in Cedar Rapids will love the King Jacuzzi suites at Country Inn & Suites Radisson Waterloo in Waterloo. You can count on a tub with a jet of water that is large enough, but also large enough for two people and fits the King Jacuzzi. The Country Inn & Suite Radissons Waterloo beats other hotels in the area, such as the Marriott Hotel in Davenport and the Hyatt Regency in Des Moines.

Make your stay in Davenport ultra-romantic by selecting # 2 on our list of the best Western hotels in Iowa with Country Inn & Suite Radissons Waterloo in Waterloo.

Whether you come and go or stay, the airport is a good, affordable choice for a short-term stay in Davenport.

Two dogs of any size are welcome for an additional fee of $25 per pet per night, and all pets of any size are welcome at no additional charge for up to 75% of your stay. Two dogs or all sizes are welcome, with an extra charge of $5 per dog per day or $20 per pet for a total of two dogs per night.

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More About Davenport