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While living here and sharing with others in the city, I realized that I would not share much of what was happening in my own backyard. While I do the trekking tour to the quad cities for work and fun, there are a few restaurants in Davenport that are worth staying in. Try their handmade beers, make sure you try their cherry ale and vanilla porter and don't forget to order one of their well-designed craft cocktails.

If you are in the area, be sure to check this page and tell me what you think and stay informed in the coming weeks as I list some of the best places to eat for dessert.

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The Olivenbaum-Café in Bettendorf offers vegans many possibilities with fast, casual order counters. Greek roots, you will find specialties that you will find difficult to find elsewhere. La Rancherita offers some of the best vegetarian options in the region, with meat-based dishes that are delicious. Some of their plant-based offerings include a variety of salads, soups, sandwiches and even a few vegetarian salads.

I've always known about the Iowa Machine Shed, but I don't know exactly how I discovered it. I know because I'm old and people often tell me about it, so I say that everyone who knows me has always called me that. If you are planning a visit, take a look at this map to get a sense of where it is and what it is supposed to be for.

More About Davenport

More About Davenport