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Party City in Davenport is a Halloween store that sells everything from Halloween costumes and animated props to Halloween candy and more. Party City is one of Iowa's largest Halloween stores, with more than 1,000 stores across the state, according to its website.

For do-it-yourselfers who have everything they need, Davenport Gardening has a wide selection of garden tools and accessories. Shop where you can find everything from gardening tools, gardening tools, gardening supplies, tools and accessories and more.

For pets, Blain Farm and Fleet offers everything you need to keep your dog happy and healthy, and all the necessary pet accessories. If you are looking for cat food, have a look at the wide selection of cat and dog food as well as cat toys and accessories.

You will find many ways to celebrate, and if you don't, the store staff are always ready to help you plan the perfect party. Although we also make Halloween merchandise, many of the products we sell are exclusive to Party City, so you can't buy them anywhere else. Don't worry, we've equipped you with DeWalt Milwaukee Craftsman tools that come in a variety of sizes and styles to make your projects run as smoothly as possible. All our products have been tested for quality and safety before they ever reach your shelves. They can also be anywhere we are, from the grocery store to the department store and even the convenience store.

Customers can order selected items at 12 noon and have them delivered to their homes the same day. We reserve the right to limit the number of items available for purchase in the store at any given time to a limited period of time.

We specialize in party supplies at Party City Davenport and many of our stores offer a limited range of party goods. Get party items for less money with everything you need for your next party, wedding, birthday party or sporting event. We organize our corridors so that everything is easy to find and to reach. Our retail store in Dauphin, IA is the only full service party store in town.

Party City is the largest party retailer in the country and offers a wide range of party accessories for your next party. One of the unique features of our Davenport store is a full service party shop with a variety of party items. We have been in the party business for over 30 years and are growing from a single location to a well-known national chain.

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Police responded to the NorthPark Mall after several calls reported 9-1-1 shots fired at the mall. Officers were just minutes away from the scene and are continuing to investigate the incident and will remain at the North Park Mall during business hours on Sunday. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact Davenport Police on 563-326-6125.

Surveillance video later showed Randolph clashing with people and pointing a handgun as the shots rang out. When officers tried to question Randolph, he ran away from the officers and ran into the parking lot, where he was caught and arrested next to a parked car. Randolph then admitted hiding the gun he was carrying in the car at the end of the chase and admitted the shooting.

Shopkeepers at the mall described ducking for cover and fearing for their lives when two shots rang out in the malls. The shots went so fast that one of the bullets appeared to hit the ceiling and customers began to run.

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