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Baseball and softball are in full swing, with diamonds filled with kids from all over the city. The DCSD athletics department has teamed up with Scott County's Waste Commission to begin recycling at Brady Stadium. As soon as the first competitions of the spring season begin, recycling bins will be available to help us reduce the amount of plastic that is part of our waste stream.

Non-athletes attending these events are allowed to bring their own oversized purses, backpacks and other personal items to the venue. Backpacks are not allowed at Brady Stadium unless they are provided with valid ID and photo identification.

To make an appointment at one of our Quad Cities locations or to learn more about our doctors and services, please contact us. Our sports physicians will carefully evaluate and address your health concerns, explain your diagnosis, answer your questions and answer all questions.

Patients in need of surgical treatment can consult an experienced orthopaedic surgeon who has experience with a wide range of procedures, including ACL and ACL tear repair, ACL replacement and knee replacement. Just ask marathon runner Lori French, whose arthritic knee pain hasn't slowed her down in Bettendorf. Whether you have been sidelined due to an ACL tear, a herniated disc or any other sport, our orthopaedic doctors are ready to provide you with the personal care you need to get back into play. Four-legged friends over 50 think that the middle of life is the right time to get fit again, no matter how you start.

But if the child ends up on the bench injured, it can be risky, especially for young athletes in the middle of their careers.

Each patient receives an individual treatment plan designed to restore his or her health as safely and quickly as possible. The Rock Valley physiotherapist visits local bike shops to demonstrate how to pick the best bike for you. We help athletes of all ages and abilities to return to an active lifestyle after injuries and ensure that families enjoy a healthy, happy and safe cycling experience through good riding opportunities.

In addition to strong academic programs, Davenport Community Schools offer a variety of extracurricular activities to help students build skills, relationships and positive self-esteem. Organised, monitored and monitored in conjunction with trained staff and volunteers, various programmes create opportunities to improve students "ability to get to know themselves and the world around them. These activities range from intramural, organized and conference sports to offer all levels of construction. For more information on a range of these activities, please contact the school directly.

Davenport Community School District students participating in an approved program must meet the specified requirements. The expectation is to be competitive within the first 90 days of transfer if a transfer is made to another school. A. Students can participate up to grade 9 if they have been exercising at school after grade 8.

Whatever the season, chances are that 17-year-old Travis Krayenhagen of the Davenport Community School District will be on the court and playing his favorite sport. Whether it's keeping an A + average on and off the pitch or playing for the Ascension Knights football team, high performance is the only way he can keep his dream of a career in sports medicine alive. The choice of the comprehensive sports medicine of ORA Orthopedics seemed to be the right choice for his professional career.

In the first part of our Bike to School series, Dr Andrew Bries and Anna Perry from ORA Orthopedics talk about why cycling is an important part of their lives and why it matters to them, especially at an age when hitting is not an option. There is no doubt that the Davenport Community School District and its surrounding Quad Cities community is home to some of the best athletes in Iowa State and the nation, but they need to stay safe on the bike paths and roads all the time. They share their experiences and thoughts about the bicycle as a means of transport.

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