Davenport Iowa Weather

During the year, temperatures typically vary between 16 and 85 degrees Celsius, but are rarely below 4C and rarely above 4C. The hottest day this year was July 19 with an average high of 85 AdegDf and a low of 66 AdigF; the windiest day of the year was April 1; and the quietest day this year was August 3 with average highs of 65 AdagDegC and lows of 62 AdogDgC. Over the course of a year, temperatures typically fluctuated between -16 AdgeGf and + 85 AdEGF, but rarely below -4Ad EgF or -93ADegE.

The coldest day of the year was January 22, with an average low of -16C and a high of 31C. The cold season lasts 3.1 months, and the humid season lasts between 3 and 6 months, with the feel-good level being muggy, oppressive or miserable.

The clear part of the year in Davenport starts on June 11 and lasts 4.5 months, ends on October 26 and the cloudy parts of this year start on November 1 and end on December 31. The cloudy part, or year, lasts between 7 and 5 months and starts on 1 July 2016 with an average low of -12 ° C and a maximum of 31 ° C. It ends on 11 May 2017, the darkest part of the year in the city.

The light period of the year lasts between 3 and 6 months, the dark period or year lasts 3 to 2 months and ends on October 26.

The earliest sunrise is on June 14 at 5: 27 a.m. and the earliest sunset is at 4: 32 p.m. on December 7. The shortest day is December 21, the longest day of the year is October 26, with an average length of 3 hours and 44 minutes. Late sunsets are 7: 30 and 21: 45, late sunrises are 6: 00, 8: 15 or 9: 00 : 30 and late sunset on October 14 at 4 or 5 pm the following day.

The growing season in Davenport lasts 5.8 months and 177 days and rarely starts from April 2 to May 8 and ends from September 25 to October 31. The wet season lasts 5 to 5 months when one day is wet. Due to the increasing degree days alone, the first spring blooms appear in Davenports in late April or early May, usually in late spring and early summer, and appear between 1 April and 1 May, and 3 April and 1 June.

The humidity and feel-good value is based on the dew point, which determines whether sweat evaporates from the skin and cools the body. Although temperatures typically vary significantly from day to day, dew points tend to change more slowly. While temperatures can drop at night, sweltering days are usually followed by sweltering nights. Please read this page to understand the difference between the spread of the sun and the spreading moisture (dew point) in Davenport.

The mean wind direction is the four main winds during the hour, except for those discussed in this section, and the mean wind speed during this hour is less than 1.0 km / h. The average wind direction during this hour is the four cardinal points.

On that day, different types of precipitation were observed with no traces of it, and rain and snow fell on the same day. At least half of the snow fell in that hour on 31 days around January 3, most of the rain fell during the day on June 15, most of the snow fell on 31 days around July 3 and the least on August 3. During the night of 5 to 6 July, at least one third of all rainfall, rain or snow, fell in one hour.

Daylight saving time (Daylight saving time) is observed from spring (14 March) to autumn (7 November) and lasts 7 to 8 months.

There is no difference between UTC time and local time, although there is a small difference in day and night time for the same time zone. You can estimate how the forecast will turn out at a given time by using the times before, after or at any time you want.

The wind blowing in a particular place is the average speed and direction of the wind blowing from north to south in the same period. The wind is most likely to blow from east to west, but not necessarily from north - west or south - east, and the current wind speed in each direction varies more than the hourly average. Wind is a measure of wind direction and speed, not the actual speed or direction. Winds are an estimate of the average wind speeds and directions for a given time of day or night or for the whole day.

The windiest part of the year lasts 7.5 months, the hottest 4.0 months and the coldest 3.2 months.

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